Joshua-Arnold2 Joshua Arnold (New Zealand)

With a background in fluid mechanics and systems engineering, I have worked for the past decade with various organisations to improve their systems of innovation and software delivery. In particular, I have focused on the problem of prioritisation and portfolio management, helping to bring the fuzzy-front-end of development into focus and aligned toward faster time-to-market and improved return on investment.

I recently co-authored an IEEE paper called “Black Swan Farming” on the use of Cost of Delay across a $100m p.a. portfolio at a Fortune 500 company. I share some thoughts on innovation and tilting the playing field at

I have had the privilege of speaking at LESS2012, Agile2013, XPDay, LKNA14, Agile2014 and other international conferences, where I share my experience and thoughts about how to discover, nurture and speed up the delivery of value.

While I’ve been based in London for 12 years and worked with people and teams all over the globe, I can’t seem to shake my native New Zealand accent. I’m most happy when I’m wearing a rubber suit, riding a moving wall of water.

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